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  • It's Valentines Day - send us your love note and win!

    Valentines Day is fast approaching, so naturally, we’re getting all loved up!

    We want you to help us share the recruitment love by tweeting us your love note. Why do you love your job? What’s so great about working in our industry? Let’s shout about it!

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  • Why become an IRP Advocate?

    Your employees are the cogs driving your business wheel. That’s why there’s no better investment than the one you make in your people. If they feel supported, secure and nurtured, they will give you their loyalty and commitment to be the best.

    Becoming an IRP Advocate means signing your staff up to individual IRP membership. It shows them, your clients and candidates, that you are a business striving to uphold world-class recruitment standards and you are serious about your people.

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  • Your routeway to a successful career in recruitment

    Starting out in any career can be daunting.

    In our ‘What it takes to be a recruiter’ survey last year, 34% of respondents said they came into recruitment as a stop-gap, and loved it so much they stayed.

    But when you come into something thinking it’s only going to be a temporary measure, you can get caught out when it comes to knowing how to develop your career.

    That’s where our Career Routeway comes in.

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