Continuing Professional Development

Visit the IRP CPD portal


Vital to maintaining and building on professional standing, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a key means by which you can enhance the knowledge and skills related to your professional life.


Free and easy to use, the IRP CPD scheme has been designed to allow IRP members to demonstrate their professional development, and/or to identify areas for development.

Build your record of achievement 

IRP membership gives you access to our CPD portal, where you can answer questions about your role and identify areas for development through multiple choice quizzes. This will provide a record of achievement outside of the structured qualification levels.


Membership also provides exclusive access to industry knowledge areas and information designed to help you develop your industry understanding. You’ll also information and links to relevant training and qualifications.

IRP Advocate benefits

If your business is an IRP Advocate, you will also be able to see how your staff are performing, and identify emerging trends. This will help to identify where staff strengths lie, and raise any potential areas for improvement.


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