IRP Professional Guides

The IRP Professional Guides have been designed to help raise your recruitment skills, industry understanding, and awareness of the benefits that come with IRP membership. Whether you're just starting out in recruitment and looking to better your knowledge of the fundamentals, or are a long-standing professional looking for managerial advice, you'll find all of the insight and guidance you need in these guides.

Divided into three key topics, the IRP Professional Guides are available as PDF downloads for you to keep and share with your colleagues. Explore the guides today and check back regularly for new additions.

Your Career

Enhance your recruitment skills and further develop your career with these professional guides. Topics in this section cover everything from marketing yourself as a professional and developing confidence to enhancing your career prospects and recruitment qualifications. These guides are perfect for helping your take your career to the next level.

Your Membership

There are a wealth of benefits to being an IRP member, and the guides in this wection are designed to help you explore and take advantage of all the membership tools you have access to. With membership tools designed to help you enhance your legal understanding, build your career development using CPD, and win business, retain clients and source top candidates - these guides are not to be overlooked.

Your Profession

In a competitive industry being seen as an expert in your field is essential in ensuring that clients and candidates remain loyal to you and your services. The IRP Professional Guides in this section will help you demonstrate your position as a consultant capable and experienced in advising, guiding and supporting the stakeholders you work with.


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