Refer a Friend Terms & Conditions

The Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP) Refer a Friend scheme is limited to referrals of personal contacts.

For the purpose of these terms and conditions, the IRP is a subsidiary brand of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).


1.    You agree to refund on demand (without any time limit) any reward where you are found to be in breach        of these terms.

2.    The REC shall not be liable arising out of or in connection with this Agreement or (i) any loss of or damage      to profit, revenue, savings, data, use, contract, goodwill or business or (ii) any indirect or consequential        loss or damage, in each case howsoever caused or arising.

3.    The term "howsoever caused or arising" when used in this Agreement shall be construed widely to cover          all causes and actions giving rise to liability, including but not limited to;

     a.    Whether arising by reason of any misrepresentation (whether made prior to and/or in this Agreement),           negligence, breach of statutory duty, other tort, breach of contract, restitution or otherwise and 

     b.    Whether arising under any indemnity and 

     c.    Whether caused by any total or partial failure or delay by the REC or any subsidiaries of the REC 

4.    Nothing in this Agreement shall limit or exclude any party's liability for fraud or for death or personal              injury caused by the negligence, or to the extent otherwise not permitted by law.

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