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Why consider a recruitment membership for your team

The recruitment industry is set to grow by around 5% over the next year. A booming industry means increased competition. How do you ensure your team of consultants are the best around – and how do you ensure your top consultants stay loyal to you?  

The answer lies in having a solid employee retention strategy and we identified the three core pillars that make one: 1. Training  2. Recognition 3. Rewards

Embed recruitment membership at the heart of your employee retention strategy

As an employer, you can purchase individual memberships for your new and existing consultants in bulk as part of your employee retention strategy. Investing in a recruitment membership programme will help you attract and retain the best talent, giving you the edge over other employers through demonstrating your commitment to supporting staff development and professional growth. Here are six benefits for you as an employer


By becoming IRP members, your consultants will become fully registered members of the IRP, with access to expert industry-specific knowledge banks, legal advice and CPD opportunities designed to raise them above the crowd. Here's a full breakdown of the key benefits included in your purchase. 


Want to find out more, or ready to join? 

Register your interest below to discuss your team requirements, and find out how we can help with your retention strategy. Alternatively, get in touch with our Account Manager, Joseph Solich, directly via email at, or via phone on 020 7009 2145

 Recruitment Membership

Advice for Employers - How a recruitment membership can support your employee retention strategy

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