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Set your business apart as an employer of choice. Become an IRP Advocate

Recruitment is all about people. It’s an industry where being the best means finding and keeping the best talent. Becoming an IRP Advocate will give you the edge over other employers through demonstrating your commitment to supporting staff development and professional growth. 


Make the right investment for your business

Investing in staff will raise the service your business delivers to clients and can prove invaluable in securing contracts. As an IRP Advocate your staff will become fully registered members of the IRP, with access to expert industry-specific knowledge banks, legal advice and CPD opportunities designed to raise them above the crowd.


IRP Advocacy isn’t just an investment in staff: it signifies commitment to the industry and professional standards. It turns good recruiters into great recruiters, and assures clients you adhere to the highest codes of practice.


You can read case studies from current IRP Advocates explaining how the programme has helped their businesses grow:


Advocate benefits

As an IRP Advocate, you get full access to a suite of tools designed to promote your position as an employer of choice to clients, candidates and your team. 

Why become an IRP Advocate?

What is the criteria for becoming an IRP Advocate?

IRP Advocacy Register

IRP Advocacy Toolkit 

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