Accredited Centres

As an Ofqual-recognised Awarding Organisation the REC also accredits Centres for the delivery of its Qualifications.

If you are a large employer it may be beneficial for you to become an Accredited Centre, delivering the regulated Level 3 Certificate in In-house Recruitment

Many well-known recruitment companies have had their core skills training formally accredited by the REC and are licensed to deliver the regulated Level 3 CertRP to staff directly, offering a flexible approach to staff development.



To become an Accredited Centre the organisation must have the ability to put at least 20 employees through the qualification each year, and must have a structured core skills training programme which covers the qualification syllabus.


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For further information about this, please visit the Centre Information page of the REC website, or contact the REC on +44 (0)20 7009 2100 or email


More information

Download the Level 3 CertRP syllabus

Download the IRP Career Routeway Prospectus


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