Level 4 Diploma in Recruitment Management

Designed for the purpose of enhancing your managerial leadership and team development skills, the REC’s progressive and industry specific Level 4 Diploma in Recruitment Management (DipRM) is ideal for all those aiming to drive forward and sharpen their professional edge. 

Key topics for this qualification are:

• Recruitment sales

• Legal and ethical requirements in recruitment

• Relationship management in recruitment 

• Recruitment resource strategies 

• Recruitment contracts 

• Assessment of people in recruitment


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Who is the course for?

Experienced recruiters, team leaders and team/sector managers are ideal candidates for this advanced qualification. Completion of this qualification is valuable in terms of raising your promotion potential and marking you out as a strong candidate for greater responsibility within your current role.

On qualification, students may wish to progress on to the regulated Level 5 Diploma in Recruitment Leadership.

How is the course taught?

On-demand enrolment and distance learning options are available for the Level 4 DipRM qualification. These options provide flexibility around your day-to-day life, with units open for completion throughout the year. To qualify you must complete six mandatory and two optional units within a four year period. 

You can enrol on individual units for £435 + VAT per unit, or the whole course is £2,430 + VAT per person.



L4 dates


More information 

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 * Please send enrolment forms to info@rec-irp.uk.com 

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