Red Berry Recruitment - Case study

Helen Lacey – Managing Director of Red Berry Recruitment Ltd

Red berry recruitment 

What’s your background and how did you get into recruitment?

I got into recruitment by sheer fluke! I had graduated with a Phycology and Business Management degree and I was working at Tesco! I applied for a role advertised as a ‘Sales Executive’, it sounded fun and it meant no weekend working and I could wear nice clothes to work and not a uniform! I was interviewed by the MD and I was amazed I got the job but I did.

So, I started my first job in recruitment 5th July 1999, over 17 years later I’m still loving it just as much! I started on the Commercial Temp Desk and was moved to the Industrial Temp Desk after 3 months. I was quickly promoted year after year and after 7 years of working for 2 agencies I decided to open my own after being offered a franchise. I thought if you believe I can, then I’ll do it for myself and now I have 3 offices, 20 staff and I’m super proud that I did believe in myself.

Why did you choose IRP membership?

I chose the IRP membership because it shows fellow recruiters and non-recruiters that I and the company believe in what we do. We are proud to be in the recruitment industry, proud to be a recruiter and the IRP membership is like a badge of honour. It also highlights the length of time you’ve worked in the industry for and representing what level you are. Also if I decided to undertake any additional professional recruitment training then I would certainly choose the IRP.

What does IRP membership mean to you/what are the best benefits of IRP membership for you?
The IRP means to me that we show commitment to best practice, we abide by the code and we respect the companies, people, recruiters etc that we work with.
The best benefits for me have been the 7 secret series which have been really informative and useful and the access to the resources such as trends and data.

How will you use your IRP membership moving forward?

Moving forward I aim to use my IRP membership benefits such as IRP lifestyle more as I really didn’t realise it offered so much!

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