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Are you holding your career back?
Are you holding your career back?
Your career 21st Apr 2017

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a career rut and promotions keep passing you by? Have you watched less experienced colleagues climb the career ladder and wondered why you’re not doing the same? If you answered yes, this blog will help you identify why you’re not getting ahead and make changes to achieve your career goals.

Are you meeting industry benchmarks? If you don’t know how you compare to your peers neither will your manager. A clear understanding of how your performance compares against industry benchmarks and standards will help you identify any areas of improvement, and if you discover you’re out-performing, will give you all-important evidence to support promotion opportunities when they arise.

Action plan: Using the free IRP CPD Portal enables you to benchmark your professional skills and make clear plans for development – log in to the portal to complete your CPD survey today.

‘Better the devil you know’ syndrome You might love your company, but are you not progressing because you’re scared of moving on? While great company culture, colleagues and clients are reasons to stay put if the opportunity to progress internally exists, ‘better the devil you know’ mentality will hold you back if you’re putting the fear of losing these aspects above the desire for promotion.

Action plan: Talk to your manager about your concerns. It would be a shame to leave if you really don’t want to, but make sure you leave the meeting with a plan of action for progression, and that this is followed up.

If leaving is the best option, doing your research into company culture before applying to roles, speaking to former colleagues who have moved on, and ensuring that you ask all important questions at interview can help you secure a new role without regret.

You haven’t had the conversation No one enjoys raising an awkward topic, but sometimes the only way to get ahead is to ask for a promotion directly. It may also be the case that your manager isn’t aware you’re unhappy at work, so taking the plunge and raising this in a one-to-one could be a simple solution to getting what you want.

Action plan: Schedule in a catch up with your manager, preparing beforehand what you want to achieve from the meeting, be it a promotion, role change, more money, training opportunities or a sector move. Knowing exactly what you’d like, and identifying the skills you have to fulfil this is key.

You’re not shouting about your success Recruitment is heavily target driven, with progression based on achieving above and beyond what is expected. While it’s likely your targets are being be monitored, it’s also worth flagging the non-quantitative successes you’ve had. For example, positive client and candidate feedback, recommendations from those you’ve worked with in the past and anything else that adds to your “USP” and makes you stand out from your colleagues.

Action plan: Make sure to raise successes your manager may not know about in one-to-one catch ups. If you’re not shouting about your successes, they won’t know what’s being achieved.

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