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Artificial Intelligence for recruiting, computers are stupid without humans
Artificial Intelligence for recruiting, computers are stupid without humans
Recruiters 05th Feb 2019

Artificial intelligence is a fast-growing tool used in modern life. Every connected device from smart phones to smart homes hosts an operating system with some version of an artificial brain. But what is artificial intelligence, really? The foundation of machine learning is to have computers that can think like humans and learn to work by observing, classifying and learning from its mistakes rather than mindlessly following step by step instructions and data points.

As the field grows and more money is invested into artificial intelligence so too does the likelihood that it will be more deeply incorporated into more industries- including recruitment. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing is up to you!

The recruitment industry stands to gain a lot from artificial intelligence: candidates will be matched to the right jobs more quickly and accurately; first-line vetting can become automated so less of your time will be spent on communicating with the wrong candidates. The possibilities are limited only by the imaginations of the people developing the technology.

Crucially, though, the success of AI is dependent on its programming and the data it is fed. In recruitment this data has to be provided by humans… you! Take the interviewing process for example. Lots of data can be generated from sourcing the candidate- what words were used to search & find them online, what were the most vital pieces of information were sort after on a potential candidate’s CV for this particular role? More data, still, comes out of the interviewing process, how does the ideal candidate often answer a set of standard interview questions? What are the patterns, are there running themes? You, as an individual recruiter generate and use this kind of data everyday as part of your job, inputting this into an intelligent machine could, potentially, create a ‘formula’ that could make these processes more efficient.

The data that we produce through the work we do every day is crucial for artificially intelligent systems to function well. Computers need us to be smart.



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