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Best practice tips for keeping up-to-date on recruitment law
Best practice tips for keeping up-to-date on recruitment law
Recruiters 16th Oct 2015


Being knowledgeable about recruitment law is essential, whether you work on permanent, contract or temporary placements, and no matter which sector you work in.

But how can you keep on top of all the changes?

We sat down with Lewina Farrell, Head of Professional Services at the REC, to get her best practice tips for staying up-to-date on recruitment law.

How often should IRP members brush up on their Legal knowledge?

"IRP members get the Legal bulletin on a bi-monthly basis, and this is the perfect place to start. Recruiters should always know what is required of them to work in an ethical fashion. Recruiters need to keep themselves constantly updated.

The Legal bulletin is a really good example of how an organisation, like the REC, can help keep recruiters up-to-date. The Legal section of the website can be used to identify any gaps in your knowledge and then you can find any additional training you need."

It's estimated over 100,000 people work in the recruitment industry, and finding the best talent is becoming increasingly difficult. With less roles to fill and a short supply of talent, it has become essential to stand out to your clients. Being knowledgeable about recruitment law shows you are dedicated to your industry and this puts you one step ahead of thousands of other recruiters.

What are the main benefits of the Legal resources section?

"Being an IRP member means you get access to the online Legal guide which consists of approximately 960 FAQs, covering the key topics that you will need to understand. They are categorised in four segments: Introducing candidates for permanent work, supplying temporary workers, supplying limited company contractors and managing your own employees. The FAQs included in these categories will help you build a foundation of knowledge in each area."

IRP membership makes it easier to stay on top of all the legal changes. You don’t need an eidetic memory when you have the answers to your questions in one place.

How often does the Legal section get updated?

“The Legal pages on the IRP website constantly get updated. The online 'Legal Guides' are updated as and when there are changes in employment and commercial law - covering over 50 topics, this is usually daily or weekly.

Updates are listed in the 'Legal news' section, making it easy to find the latest stories. The Legal bulletin is uploaded on a bi-monthly basis, this covers the main talking points over the last two months and shares some of the questions asked over the last two months.”

The Legal section is a key member benefit, adding value to the service you are able to provide to your clients and candidates. Keeping up-to-date with recruitment law can feel impossible, but once you get started you’ll see just how manageable it becomes with the IRP on your side.

Start exploring the IRP Legal resources and see what training courses are coming up.

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Kate Phillips - Marketing Manager
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