26th Sep 2019
What is a typical day like for a recruiter? We love getting the lowdown from our members and finding
02nd Sep 2019
Tracey George is the Chief Operating Officer at TPP Recruitment. In her interview with the IRP, she
07th Aug 2019
In this month’s edition of ‘Featured Recruiter’, Kieran McCormick, Director of Operations at
05th Jul 2019
Simon Dear, chief executive, Tangent International tell us how he finds diverse talent in his
29th May 2019
We asked Tom Drew Senior Consultant at Redline what his day is like; how he started in the
17th May 2019
In this month’s edition of ‘Featured Recruiter’, Ricky Martin, Managing Director of Hyper
17th Apr 2019
Your career
Tony Taylor FIRP is an experienced management and HR consultant and is a Chief Examiner for the IRP.
03rd Apr 2019
A two-time winner of the Recruiter of the Year award, Kristy shares her success story and career
13th Feb 2019
Professional relationships are crucial to having a successful career in recruitment: you’ve got to
05th Feb 2019
As the field grows and more money is invested into artificial intelligence so too does the
21st Jan 2019
The use of social media as a business tool to help hire is quickly rising. It will be, or some might
02nd Oct 2018
How you can help clients recruit millennials
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