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Elevating your recruitment career
Elevating your recruitment career
Your career 14th Mar 2019

Technology can connect us quicker than ever, AI and algorithms can predict what you need to know and skills are changing as a consequence.  So do we still need to be a member of a professional body? Can’t we just ask a search engine the question or do we still need a professional support network?

I believe it is now even more important.

With technological advances comes the need for nuance and to be more human not less.  In a people-based industry, recruiters need a source of empathetic advice and development, someone they can trust, and someone likeminded, who understands their needs. Keeping a pace with changes in the workplace isn’t easy and your Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP) membership can provide that support to enable people to continually adapt and be supported to learn new skills and progress up the career ladder.

So, what is IRP’s role in building tomorrow's workforce?

The IRP is a community and a network that can provide professional support and connect thousands of people in similar roles with shared experiences and expertise.

Trust can be enhanced through knowing you have had to achieve something to be part of that membership – CPD, qualification, experiential learning and experience backed up by a commitment to a code of ethics or code of operating. 

At the Institute of Recruitment Professionals, our members are responsible for getting the right people into the right jobs in the right organisations. We know recruiters are hugely time poor which is why it will help to put your career and future development in the hands of a professional body that can guide you through your career in recruitment. Recruitment as a career choice is exciting – it varies from using social media and digital channels to seeking out talent, coaching candidates, to knowing employment law, and understanding government policy on safeguarding and much more.

Consider your next steps in your career development, consider which careers suit your personality and which professional bodies can support your lifelong career learning.  And ask your professional body for their ideas on how to connect and grow your career. Drop me a line at vicki@rec-irp.uk.com to discuss your recruitment career growth plans and to learn how IRP can support.  

Here's what IRP can do to assist you with your career goals:

Vicki Turner - Head of IRP and Learning

Since joining the REC in 2018, I am inspired every day by the incredible work that our members do. Lives and careers are changed by the tenacity and care that recruiters show. Without doubt, this is a career to be proud of – it is both challenging and rewarding. Our working lives are changing and so is learning and professional development. The fast pace of technological change needs us to start forming the skills and attitudes needed for the future and adapt. Adaptive leadership and skills have never been more important; working with almost constant disruption and ambiguity is testing us all. More than ever we want to hear from you via our #AskIRP tagline. Whether it is by call, asking us to visit you, or via social media or email, please do keep telling us what you need from your Institute.

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