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Entering online for people who don’t like the internet
Entering online for people who don’t like the internet
IRP View 10th Jun 2019

The cloud, Apple has one (it’s called ‘i cloud’… of course it is), Microsoft has one (‘one drive’, don’t ask…) and I had one hanging over my head after a heavy break up and listening to too much Travis. But regardless, we’ve all been there: filling out an online form, all our details emaculately… well, detailed! But then suddenly the internet cuts for a second and *poof* all the information you had typed out disappears into that ethereal mix of smoke and bits they call the cloud never to be recovered again. Grrrr. Frustrating. But fear not! You can avoid the dangers of the internet with a nifty table we put together for you at www.irpawards.com/faq ! Download an entry form from www.irpawards.com/faq and you can work on it anytime, then, when you've got it just right, you can upload it (and accompanying files where applicable) to www.irpawards.com/enter. Like our (generic, non-copyright-infringing) meerkat friend ‘Sergio’ says: “Simplz!”

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