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Featured Recruiter: Ricky Martin, Hyper Recruitment Solutions
Featured Recruiter: Ricky Martin, Hyper Recruitment Solutions
Recruiters 17th May 2019

Ricky is a qualified Biochemist, member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and founder of the specialist scientific recruitment consultancy Hyper Recruitment Solutions (HRS). Ricky has over ten years’ experience recruiting internationally for the sciences and runs HRS alongside Lord Alan Sugar after a successful investment process on BBC One’s The Apprentice in 2012.

In this month’s edition of ‘Featured Recruiter’, Ricky Martin, Managing Director of Hyper Recruitment Solutions (IRP Award Winner of Best Company to Work for, 2018), shares his key tips on raising the recruitment industry’s reputation.

  1. More recruiters should be more focused on being consultants, not just sales people. The recruitment industry helps people and changes lives. Just as people go to a doctor to help them feel better, they come to us to help their careers, to help them pay the bills and support their families. 

  2. Do something you’re proud of or don’t do it at all. It’s my advice to those coming into the industry or setting up on their own. For those already established in the business, do more to act as an ambassador for the industry. You can take the easy path, take shortcuts, do a deal and fill a job. Or you can find the right person for the right company. That might be harder, it might take longer, it might make you a little bit less money – but it makes such a difference. As a biochemist that recruits for the sciences, I help pharmaceutical companies make medicines that save lives.

  3. Remember about the people who don’t get the job. Our actions to support them to give them the best chance to find the next job are important. Candidates are taking valuable time off work or away from their families and they’re clocking up interview expenses. We all have a duty of care to make sure they have the right job to look at and that we have enough information to represent them well enough. Even with the REC’s “Jobs Transform Lives” campaign, I don’t think enough recruiters recognise the impact that they can have.

  4. Stop worrying about disruptions. Whether you’re concerned about new technology or Brexit, focus instead on getting the basics right and put recruitment on the map as being a real professional service.

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