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Four productivity apps for recruiters
Four productivity apps for recruiters
IRP View 27th Mar 2018

We’re constantly juggling different tasks and priorities in recruitment. One minute you're talking to a candidate, then the next you get a phone call from a client with a new role, and THEN you’ll receive an email from a hiring manager asking you to urgently organise interviews.

There’s a lot that goes on in any recruiters day. Even if you’re the most organised person in the world, it can be a struggle to keep on top of things.

Luckily, there’s a whole host of apps and digital tools out there designed specifically to help you be more organised and get things done. We outline four favourites.

1. Evernote

While Evernote is essentially a digital notebook (or what we like to call ‘second brain’), it’s really so much more. You can use it as a notebook - to scribble down those pieces of information that just come to you, but you can also use it to prioritise to-do lists, plan projects, give yourself reminders and store photos and even web pages, while tagging each entry so they’re easy to find. You can access your ‘second brain’ from any smartphone or computer, and we think it’s pretty great.

2. Toggl

Do you ever get that awkward feeling that you’re busy – but you don’t really know exactly what you’ve achieved in a day? It’s so easy to let tasks blend into each other, especially in recruitment. Use Toggl to keep track of how you’re spending your time, by tracking individual tasks, or measuring how long you spend on different projects each day. You’ll be able to see exactly what you’re doing – making you more productive - with the added bonus of being able to share this with your boss and team to show how efficient you are at getting the job done.

3. Grammarly

If writing isn’t your forte, or even if you’re just guilty of a cheeky typo or two in an email, Grammarly can help. Grammarly allows you to write freely, without worrying about your grammatical and spelling mistakes, plus it offers brief explanations that can help you improve your writing long-term. Simply add the extension to your browser and it’ll take care of the rest. You can even download it and use it with Word.

4. RescueTime

All of us are guilty of procrastination at some point at work. It’s so easy to get distracted when you’re at a computer all day, and this can definitely impact your productivity levels. Enter RescueTime. This app helps you track and manage your internet use – you can block websites you know distract you and also track what websites you do visit to see where you spend the most time.

These are just a few of the great resources out there that can help you get on top of your workload and enhance your productivity. Liked this blog? Check out our list of the best podcasts for recruiters.

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