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How level three helped me!
How level three helped me!
Learning 15th Aug 2018

We interviewed our very own Joanne Randall about how taking (and passing!) the Level 3 Certificate in Recruitment Practice Practice took her career to the next...level!

What have you learned from this learning course?

Taking the Level 3 was a brilliant refresher for me into recruitment and the processes involved. It has strengthened my knowledge of the legal and ethical requirements of the industry as well as provided me with some great sales methods.

Who would you recommend this course to?

Anyone in recruitment who is looking to enhance their professional skills and taking the next step in their career in recruitment. If you’re a recruiter: this course will help you out, it did me!

What skills did you gain?

This course helped me develop and adapt my client relationships style as well as provided me with even more of a strategic approach to the sales cycle.

How has this course helped you progress in your professional career?

Not only has this course helped me develop my own skills, it has given me an even better understanding of what all our students go through. It’s been years since I sat an exam so that opened my eyes again, but to sit the exam with so many others, it was really rewarding! Now I have my CertRP, I am able to support our members far better and continue to develop my recruitment knowledge here at the REC.

What feedback would you give to your trainer?

Having taken the fast track course, I had the opportunity to attend a two and half day workshop. It was an intense refresher for the exam and really helped us all prepare better. The one bit of feedback I would suggest is for all of the students to have more time testing each other. I found working with other students really helpful and things stuck better in my mind!

What have been the best take homes others have got from this course?

I’ve become more effective in my day to day tasks at work and have been able to analyse sales opportunities with more structure. It’s increased my passion for the industry and I can’t wait to share that with all of our future students. Not to mention the free IRP membership I got for the duration of the course plus twelve months after it too!

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