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How you can help clients recruit millennials
How you can help clients recruit millennials
Learning 02nd Oct 2018

How you can help clients recruit millennials

Millennials are a group that’s often targeted but rarely understood both in and outside of the recruitment industry. Recruiting millennial employees can be challenging for employers if they fail to tailor their approach. To get it right, clients should consider the millennial worldview, including attitudes towards work and careers. Here we’ll discuss some of the research into the millennial mindset and how it can help you advise clients seeking to hire and retain them as employees.

What makes millennials different?

The tone of voice and message in your recruiting efforts should change according to who you’re talking to. Another word for this is segmenting your target audiences. This is a great way to maximize the return on your recruitment efforts because every message you send will be more personalised and so more effective. Research on the topic has revealed some useful factors to think about when hiring people who grew up in the 2000’s:

• Forty to fifty per cent of millennials have no plans to stick with an employer for more than 3 years – the idea of a lifetime role is less of a consideration these days.

• Sixty-four per cent of millennials say they would rather make less money and enjoy their job than make more money but hate it – the quality of work life is a key factor to consider when hiring.

• Seventy-seven per cent say a sense of purpose from a company is an important factor when looking for jobs – so a company’s culture, ethos and its wider ambitions are something that an individual recruiter needs to put across
How can I successfully recruit a millennial?


Statistics are one thing but how does this help you practically? Here’s how you can use these trends to drive recruitment

Personalise the experience

One of the best practices for recruiting millennials is to ensure you personalise the experience for them. This is the generation that is used to personalised emails, personalised ads, shopping experiences that know what they like to buy. And you can bring this into the recruitment process– by taking the time to listen and learn a little about them as an individual, you can better connect with them during the recruitment process.
Highlight the benefits of the company
Because money isn’t always their primary motivation, it is important to use the benefits of the company to gain their interest in the role. Recruiting millennial employees is about that sense of connection, that they would be proud to tell people they work for the company and believe in what it stands for.
Showcase career progression
showcasing how progress can be made is important. That’s because eighty seven per cent of them say professional development or growth is very important and sixty five per cent say that personal development most influenced their choice of roles.

Recruiting millennials

It is worth saying that not all generalisations will apply to all millennials – which is why personalising the experience is important. But by looking at what motivates them, marketing roles in a way that is most likely to appeal to them and ensuring they understand what the company offers, you have a better chance of successfully recruiting millennials.



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