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It's quiz time: How much do you know about the upcoming election?
Regulation 10th Apr 2015

Which political party has promised to raise National Minimum Wage to at least £8 by 2020 if they are in power?

How about which party wants to double the number of employers with apprentices?

And do you know which party promised to keep immigration limited to the "tens of thousands" back in 2010?

As the United Kingdom steps further from the shadow of the recession, every political party will want to be the party of job creation.

And that forms a large chunk of this year's general election.

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) is keeping close watch on the policies and ideas every party puts forward. It doesn't matter what colour of each party, the question remains the same: how will this build the best job market in the world?

With all political parties campaigning in earnest, the REC launched a ‘Question Time’ quiz to test the electorate’s knowledge of party policies on jobs.

REC director of policy Tom Hadley says the role recruiters will play a massive role in shaping the job market over the next five years.

“Recruiters are the engine that drives the UK labour market," he says.

"Last year recruiters helped 634,000 people find a new permanent job and over a million people find temporary work every single day, so recruiters are really on the front line when it comes to jobs."

The quiz comprises five easy-to-answer multi-choice questions about jobs policies.

“Yes, the quiz is a bit of fun," says Hadley.

"But what we’re also trying to do is raise awareness of the employment issues being debated in the campaign so far, and get people thinking about what the parties are advocating and how this could affect them. There are a lot of claims and counter claims being made about the jobs market by politicians and we expect to see more of that before polling day on 7 May.”

The REC Question Time quiz is part of a wider campaign to encourage policy-makers to create the best jobs market in the world and is available on the REC website at www.rec.uk.com/recqt and as a Facebook app.

The REC’s ‘Manifesto for jobs’, published in December, set out the professional body’s recommendations for whoever forms the next government. It called on policy-makers to:

— Give everyone the chance to succeed through work. — Accelerate business growth and jobs creation. — Build the best local jobs markets — Enhance our position in the global marketplace.

Any REC or IRP members who would like to be involved in the REC’s policy activities in the run up to the general election should contact the REC policy team.

Kate Phillips
Kate Phillips - Marketing Manager
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