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Jadene Davies: Why I studied for a recruitment qualification
Jadene Davies: Why I studied for a recruitment qualification
Your career 26th Feb 2018

Jadene Davies is a consultant at Red Eagle, and she recently completed her Level 3 Certificate in Recruitment Practice. We asked Jadene what her studying experience was like, why she'd recommend it and why she loves recruitment so much.

How did you get into recruitment?

I kind of fell into it – I didn’t plan to come into recruitment, but I was getting out of a toxic workplace and when I met the team at my interview, I knew this could be a place of longevity for me and it’s a career that I’ve fallen in love with.

Why did you choose the Level 3 Certificate in Recruitment Practice?

My managing directors were a huge influence, but I was so excited to do it when I was told I would be sitting an exam to gain a qualification. It cemented all the training that I’d received from my colleagues and provided me with even further knowledge of the industry. It’s so important to us that our client’s and candidates are treated in the appropriate manner.

What aspect of the qualification did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed the satisfaction of gaining my qualification the most! I was so worried about it, because it means so much to me and I put so much pressure on myself – huge sigh of relief when I received my certificate and an overwhelming amount of self-pride.

What was the most challenging part?

Trying to balance studying, work and my social life – but it was so worth it all!

How do you find studying while working full time?

It was a challenge, but fortunately my manager and MD’s are very supportive and allowed allocated time to study whilst at work as well as studying in my spare time at home.

How will you use the CertRP day to day?

I will use it every day by applying my knowledge to all aspects of recruitment. Ensuring clients and candidates are well looked after and receive the quality of service that should be standard for the recruitment industry.

Would you recommend the CertRP to others?

Definitely – if you get the opportunity, grab it with both hands!

What do you love most about working in recruitment?

I love the client/candidate relationships and building the rapport. It is such a wonderful feeling when my candidates and clients regularly send me emails about how happy they are with the service they receive from me.

What’s your best candidate success story?

Tough one, but it’s got to be when I succeeded in matching the perfect candidate to my client. They were looking for a specific person with particular experience and skills, it was an urgent requirement and candidates with all the required attributes were becoming challenging to find. I headhunted a candidate who was the only person in the area with all the necessities and he was so delighted that I got in touch with him and put him forward for the role, he had a video interview the same day and is due to start next week! The candidate is fantastic and he’ll be resuming a career in an industry where his passion lies.

What would you tell yourself on your very first day in the industry?

Your product is humans – nothing can be guaranteed and don’t stress over things that cannot be changed. It’s not about how any issues are caused, it’s about how you react to them and resolve them from there on – that’s how you gain the respect and appreciation from clients and candidates alike.

Are you interestd in joining Jadene as a qualified recruiter? Find out more about the Level 3 Certificate in Recruitment Practice and start your learning journey.

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