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Recruitment courses in May
Recruitment courses in May
Learning 02nd May 2019

As the professional body for individual recruiters and talent acquisition professionals, we aim to develop, educate and qualify recruitment professionals and further help support and progress careers.

  • IRP develops you through professional guides and development programmes
  • IRP educates you with modern, relevant and advanced recruitment learning courses
  • IRP qualifies you via our externally recognised qualifications
  • IRP Supports your through our online communities and direct help and advice

Why choose the IRP as your recruitment learning partner?

We design and deliver comprehensive and informed learning programmes from the essentials for beginners, to specialised legal and marketing courses and management programmes for experienced recruiters and new team leaders.

Whatever your professional needs are, there will be an IRP course for it. Retain your top talent with our recruitment training programmes which are divided into four key skills and knowledge sets:

What’s coming up this month?

Sales and marketing: Our range of sales and marketing programmes have all been endorsed by the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (ISMM), the UK’s only professional body for sales people. From social strategy and branding to telephone sales and winning large contracts, we have a course that covers the key aspects that you require to do your job right and to high standards.

May courses include:


Recruitment legislation: Navigate recruitment law. Our courses have been developed by industry experts to ensure comprehensive coverage across the most up-to-date legislation recruiters need to know.

May courses include:


Recruitment Management Training: Whether you're looking to enhance your motivational skills, the ability to hit targets while support a team, or keen to develop techniques to help meet company-set objectives, you'll find the perfect training course in our suite of managerial programmes.

May courses include:


To book or to enquire about rates, please contact our team on info@rec-irp.uk.com or call us on 020 7009 2155.

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