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10th Jun 2019
IRP View
Entering the IRP Awards Online using offline forms
17th May 2019
In this month’s edition of ‘Featured Recruiter’, Ricky Martin, Managing Director of Hyper
29th Mar 2019
The Level 4 has been an intense but fantastic learning curve for me.
28th Mar 2019
Your career
Honorary FIRP Derek Goff talks about the value of recruitment qualifications
13th Feb 2019
Professional relationships are crucial to having a successful career in recruitment: you’ve got to
18th Oct 2018
Creating an effective content strategy requires careful thought and planning
15th Aug 2018
We interviewed our very own Joanne Randall about taking (and passing!) the Level 3 Certificate in
07th Aug 2018
Brand is important not just to big companies, establishing a personal brand can will help you retain
17th Jul 2018
The huge underrepresentation of female apprentices in sectors such as engineering, IT and
25th Apr 2018
We know it can be overwhelming and stressful studying for an exam, and even more so when you’re
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