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28th Mar 2017
If you’re still relying on job boards to recruit, you’re missing out on a potentially lucrative
14th Feb 2017
What makes you get up and go to work in the morning? What’s your favourite part about recruitment?
07th Oct 2016
shortlist for the 2016 IRP Awards. This week, tickets have already started to fly out the door, and
19th Aug 2016
Ask yourself the question: Do I have a personal strategy for social media channels?
19th Feb 2016
Your career
Last week , we gave you a simple challenge: send us your recruitment love note. We had an
09th Feb 2016
We want you to help us share the recruitment love by tweeting us your love note. Why do you love
28th Aug 2015
Social recruiting. It’s certainly a recruitment buzzword. But how are we doing it?
10th Jul 2015
With 302 million active accounts, sending 500 million tweets a day - Why wouldn’t you use Twitter
19th Jun 2015
The May exam results come out! Take the perfect #Certfie with your certificate, then tweet it to us
17th Apr 2015
IRP View
The REC is holding the 15th Annual General Meeting to appoint new Council members and you – yes,
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