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The five steps of entering the IRP Awards
The five steps of entering the IRP Awards
IRP View 07th Sep 2017

Enter the IRP Awards 2018 here and check out our more recent posts here!

There's a whole extra week to get your IRP Awards entries together! We've extended the deadline to Friday, 15 September. That gives you an extra seven days. 168 hours. 10,080 minutes. 604,800 seconds. So we want to make sure you're best equipped to make the most of it.

Maybe you've had some amazing candidate success stories over the past year (Jobs transform lives: Best Candidate Experience Award). Or perhaps you're a newbie, consistently going above and beyond (Best Newcomer). Possibly you're a manager who has made a real impact (Business Manager of the Year). Did you work on a great campaign with a client this year? (Best Recruitment Campaign). You might even work for one of the best companies in the UK (Best Company to Work For). With 17 categories spanning the industry, there is one for you and your company.

We break down what you'll go through when getting your entry together.

1. The 'should I enter?' question

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We think this is a no-brainer, but if you still need that prompt to enter, we’re sharing some resources to check out to help you make up your mind.

Look at our infographic which lays out our top reasons it’s worth entering the IRP Awards. Hear from past winners themselves – we speak to Bradley Carton, 2016’s Recruitment Apprentice of the Year, Andy Cox, 2016’s Recruiter of the Year and 2016's Best Company to Work For (up to 150 employees), Amoria Bond.

2. Once you’ve decided you want to enter

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We’re excited for you! First things first, you have to choose your category or categories. Think your candidate experience is top-class? Maybe you’re a high performing apprentice? Or the potential business leader of the year? Take a look through all the categories available on our website.

3. Getting into the detail

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Now you’ve lined up the category you want to enter, it’s time to identify exactly what you’ll need to complete your entry. First things first, download our entry pack. This lays down all the official information you’ll need to know to get your entry right. Then, check out the criteria for your chosen category/categories. Each category asks for different things – you might need to include evidence of placements made, client testimonials or even employee testimonials.

Make sure you know what you need by reading the criteria on our website carefully. To see the criteria for each category simply click on the category box, and it’s all laid out for you.

4. Writing your entry

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Now you know what you need to include, it’s time to get your creative juices flowing. We recommend short, succinct answers to each question. There’s no need to get carried away and lose the impact of your entry. Bullet points are your friend!

For more help, read our blog that share our seven tips for nailing your entry. and watch our judges’ tips video:

5. Time to submit

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Once you’ve written your entry – and proof read it – it’s time to submit it to our judges. This can either be done by typing your answers directly into our online form, or you can upload your entry as a Word of PDF document. Then, just attached your supporting documents, upload your company logo or photo, and add your company or personal biography. If you’re entering a company category, this is when you’re directed to the payment screen. If you’re entering an individual category, you’re all done.

So there you have it. It’s simple to enter. And it could come with a big reward. Are you ready to join the IRP Awards Hall of Fame?

Enter now and prove you're at the top of your game.

Kate Phillips
Kate Phillips - Marketing Manager
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