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The four types of Christmas desk decorators
The four types of Christmas desk decorators
IRP View 08th Dec 2017

It’s that time of the year again, the cold air has blown in all the feels for Christmas - and it's already made it acceptable to start decorating your house and office space. However, all that cheer and excitement also brings a bit of stress about choosing how to decorate your desk this year. Should you go kitsch and all out or keep it simple with just a little tree on your desk? Well, we’ve figured out that there are actually four types of office desk Christmas decorators. Read through it, figure out what category you feel drawn to and get some inspiration.

There you go, your Christmas office desk is sorted!

Type 1: The minimalist Scandinavian

The winter holidays are definitely the best time of the year to embrace Scandinavian style. Decorating your office desk with neutral tones, light wood and geometric elements will help your fantasy of living in a cosy Swedish cottage a little bit more realistic.

When setting up your desk, think different hues of white, natural wood, some contrasting black and off course loads of wintery greens, including a real Christmas tree to provide some fresh forest air in the office. Embrace the spirit of Hygge with faux fur blankets and different textures, but keep it simple with some geometric elements. Scandinavian Christmas cosiness and style ensured.

Type 2: The I-can-do-this-myself Christmas elf

This DIY Christmas decorator will make sure that all of their decorations are handmade and unique. That way, they don’t have to spend too much money and their desk will stand out. Just make sure you’ve got things on your desk nobody else has. Cut out some snowflakes to hang from the ceiling, build a giant cotton snowman as a centerpiece and be sure to have that homemade mason jar advent calendar visible for the entire office to see.

Don’t forget to bring in your handmade Christmas tree! Why not go for one made out of books this year? Or one out of re-acclaimed wood or corks, as long as it looks different to all those “normal” Christmas trees. Colleagues will be green with envy.

Type 3: The sci-fi geek

Are you a big fan of Star Wars, Marvel, Doctor Who or anything sci-fi related? This is the time of the year to go all out in creating your geeky Christmas desk and convince others why your show is the best around.

Your tree will be the key element of your decoration. It becomes another vessel to flaunt all your favourite fandoms. Millennium Falcon string lights, Marvel ornaments and a weeping angel Christmas topper. Put some Christmas hats on your favourite character cut-outs, bake some Chewbacca gingerbread cookies and put on that ho-ho-Hodor Christmas jumper. You’ll see, it's an instant conversation starter.

Type 4: The Ho-Ho-Ho is it Christmas yet colleague

We all know that one colleague who starts planning next year's Christmas on December 26th. They only need a whiff of cold air to slowly smuggle in Christmas decorations for their desk, annoying almost everyone in the office with their over the top cheer. They’ll go so far as to transform their desk into their own Christmas grotto, including a dancing Santa Claus.

To get this look for your desk think colourful tinsel, glitter, lights, stickers and anything that looks Christmassy. Make sure every inch of your desk is covered in tinsel or lights, that way you’re not reminded that you actually need to do some work. Top it all off with at least one Santa or reindeer (always better to get more than one though), and extra points if it can dance or sing.

Which type are you? Have a little fun at the end of the week and show us your Christmas desk decorations on Twitter!

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