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The successful recruitment career of an Honorary Fellow of the IRP (part two)
The successful recruitment career of an Honorary Fellow of the IRP (part two)
Your career 28th Mar 2019

This is a guest article from Derek Goff (Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals), Group Learning and Development Manager at Serocor. Continued from part one

I have worked with the REC and IRP for many years and was invited to join a panel of industry representatives to support the creation of the very first recruitment apprenticeship frameworks. From here, I chaired to recruitment Trailblazer employer forum to create the current apprenticeship standards. This was a four-year project, and although challenging at times, was in no doubt an amazing opportunity for my own personal development. I learned a lot in those four years!

I am Chief Examiner for the IRP which again has given me great insight into the opportunities a qualifications route can provide if you have the commitment to work hard and see it through. I love marking papers and providing the ‘pass’ that learners have worked really hard for over several weeks. Every pass still gives me a great buzz. The qualifications route is the most robust way to show your clients and candidates that you are knowledgeable, competent, credible, reliable and ethical. It takes effort and commitment to complete these programmes, and my view is that a recruiter requires real gumption to complete the study programme and sit an exam. Recruiters need gumption to deal with the everyday ups and downs of the role, so the badge of honour by way of an examination certificate and the letters in bold after your name is a no brainer if you want to succeed in the industry. It also differentiates you as a recruiter from all those who don’t have industry qualifications.  

Recruitment is not for everyone – it’s really hard at times but immensely rewarding. That sense of joy when a candidate starts a new job and your commission becomes a reality will be with me forever….it’s one thing I miss in my current role. I don’t think there is a role profile particularly. It goes without saying that communication, listening skills, resilience, tenacity and a good business acumen are prerequisites. There are numerous roles available from within the industry including support roles, so something for everyone I guess. You get out what you put in so decide your pay rise every month and work hard.

The future looks interesting for recruiters with advancing technology and AI. However, one thing I am sure of is that no matter how technical it all gets, it’s the human touch that makes the biggest difference. After all, we are all capable and empowered to change the lives of candidates and clients every day and this is a gift worth protecting. More importantly, perhaps, is the ability to make a real difference to your own life by pursuing a career in recruitment that makes the role of a recruiter so rewarding. 

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