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Three guides, three take aways
Recruiters 30th Oct 2015

Our Professional Guides offer more than advice. They give IRP members useful tools for navigating their careers.

Here are three big take-aways from some recently-published guides. Remember, you can download all our guides for free by visiting our Professional Guides page.

1) Managing Stress

Take time to plan

It may sound obvious, but taking time to plan out your day, week or month, can be a massive influence on how you manage your own pressures in your work life.

Build yourself a construct that works for you. That could be through Microsoft Outlook tasks, calendar notes, a workbook or other similar systems. Find the right system for you that is easily accessible.

Break your projects in to small ‘quick wins’. A series of quick wins built up together can lead to an overall larger success.

Whether it is the quick wins of getting through to that client, or making sure that you’ve had that conversation with a candidate, those little quick wins can add up and before you know it you’ll have achieved your overarching task.

2) Demonstrate your legal knowledge

Create a shortcut

If you’re asked a legal related question by a client and they need a swift response, a shortcut on your desktop will give you quick access to the online Legal Guide.

You may even be able to answer their query while they are on the phone - but if you can’t, at least you’ll save time in getting back to them. Whilst you can’t share the exact content with your clients (as it is protected by copyright), you can give them the benefit of your knowledge with the help of the IRP.

3) Getting the candidate experience right

Your process is important

Ask candidates what they think of your process. It sounds straightforward but only 11% of employers currently ask for candidate feedback.

Make sure you don’t just ask the ones who get the job. Regularly review the findings with all those involved and take action. This instils a continuous improvement mentality. Don’t forget to communicate your plans to all the key players internally and externally. To read the guides in full, click here. 

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Kate Phillips - Marketing Manager
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