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World Emoji Day: How to use emojis in recruitment
World Emoji Day: How to use emojis in recruitment
Marketing 17th Jul 2017

Happy World Emoji Day! Could there be a better way to celebrate than sharing our top tips for using emojis in recruitment? Of course not. Keep reading to discover how best to use those funny little characters in your day-to-day work, and when it’s probably a better idea to hold back…


Using emojis when hiring for roles abroad Recruiting for roles in




? Adding a cheeky flag for the country you’re hiring in to email subject lines will grab the attention of candidates you’re helping with foreign job searches.

Using emojis to attract the right talent Hiring for roles in social media, digital and tech? Working in ‘first jobber’ recruitment? Communicating in a way that potential candidates understand and appreciate is a great way of attracting and developing rapport with emoji savvy talent. Face it, the last thing any millennial will respond to is a dry and formal email, so if you’re still using these as your main communications a revamp is needed!

Use emojis for quick feedback from candidates and clients Not exactly the most “professional” means of getting feedback, but it’s not always possible for candidates to call you following an interview, especially if they’re running back to work. Sending a quick




?? message will prompt candidates to give you instant feedback on how they think their interview went, preparing you for your client conversation.

Use emojis to celebrate candidate success Nothing says congratulations like







. You’re spoilt for emoji choice when it comes to celebrating interview success – so why not use them to add some fun to your emails!? First jobbers are the best audience for this type of messaging, especially if you’ve been messaging via text.

Using emojis if you recruit for social media agencies


Social media agencies can be a fickle bunch, so knowing the recruiter they’re using to source new talent is on board with their industry is crucial to developing trust and rapport. Creatively using emojis when communicating with these types of clients will help build rapport, just don’t go overboard. Creatively, does not mean using an emoji for every other word! 


And when not to use emoji Fairly obvious, but if you work in the corporate or financial sector it’s unlikely even the best placed


 will go down well. If your clients and candidates are more likely to respond to formal communications don’t go rogue and try slipping emojis into emails. Not only will this make you look unprofessional, it will probably cost you future work.


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